Holistic Management In Patient With Moderate Persistent Asthma In Hanura Health Center’s Region


  • Anggiya Yuliasari Medical Faculty, Lampung University
  • Aila Karyus




Asthma, Upper respiratory infection, lifestyle


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory process of the respiratory tract involving many cells and their elements. This chronic inflammatory process causes the respiratory tract to become hypereponsive, facilitating the occurrence of bronchoconstriction, edema, and gland hypersecretion, resulting in restriction of air flow in the respiratory tract with periodic clinical manifestations of wheezing, shortness of breath, heavy chest, coughing particularly Night or early morning. Applying a holistic and comprehensive approach to the family doctor in detecting internal and external risk factors that solve problems by Evident Based Medicine from family-approached and patient-centered. This study is a case report. The primary data obtained through anamnesis, physical examination and a home visit. Secondary data were obtained from medical records of patients. Mrs. S, 64 years old, complained of shortness since one day ago, followed coughing and wheezing. Obtained internal factors such as genetic factors, lack of knowledge of patients about disease, curative treatment, and never exercising. External factors include lack of hygiene in items at home, cold allergies and lack of support and family knowledge about the patient's illness. Three home visits were made to intervene on patients and families about illnes, prevention, management at home, and the importance of avoiding risk factors. In the evaluation, we found patients began to make improvements but not all of them. This shows that by increasing knowledge, correct treatment and several intervention visits can change the behavior of patients.


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Yuliasari, A., & Aila Karyus. (2021). Holistic Management In Patient With Moderate Persistent Asthma In Hanura Health Center’s Region. Medical Profession Journal of Lampung, 10(3), 551-556. https://doi.org/10.53089/medula.v10i3.124




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