Holistic Management Of Dermatitis Contact Iritant In A Woman Through Family Medicine Approach


  • Meiuta Hening Prastiwi Universitas Lampung
  • Sahab H. Sibuea universitas lampung
  • Giska Tri Putri universitas lampung




Dermatitis Contact Irritant, Family Physician, Holistic Management


Contact dermatitis is dermatitis caused by materials or substances that stick to the skin. Irritant contact dermatitis (DKI) is caused by irritants. Irritant contact dermatitis can be experienced by all ages, races and genders. Contact dermatitis that does not get adequate management can affect work productivity to quality of life from emotional, social and economic aspects. The study conducted is a case report. Primary data were obtained through history, medical examination and home visits. The patient is woman 54 years old with complaints of red and itchy spots on both legs accompanied by peeling skin since 7 days ago In this case, the diagnosis and treatment are made according to the latest theories and journals. After the intervention, clinical symptoms decreased and  the awareness of patients and their families increased. The diagnosis of dermatitis contact irritant in this patient was consistent with the theory of several guidelines and journals, and it was observed that the knowledge of the patient and his family changed after an intervention based on evidence-based medicine, which was patient-centered  and a family-centered approach


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