Practical Approach to Occupational Contact Dermatitis


  • Rizqi Fathiani Siti Oktarika Medical Faculty Lampung University
  • TA Larasati
  • Anisa Nuraisa Djausal



dermatitis, occupational


Occupational skin diseases often occur but are often ignored by workers. Contact dermatitis, both irritant and allergic, makes up the majority of occupational skin diagnoses. Occupational contact dermatitis often affects the hands so that it has a major impact on the worker's ability to do his job. Severe dermatitis can affect workers' daily life activities and can even lead to job loss. Certain industries and occupations are associated with higher rates of occupational dermatitis. The differential diagnosis for occupational dermatitis is extensive and should be considered when evaluating workers with suspected dermatitis. Collaboration between general practitioners, dermatologists and occupational physicians is often required to determine whether occupational exposure is a cause of hand dermatitis, and to identify triggering allergens or irritants. Prevention, early diagnosis and intervention are important to avoid recurrent illness, sick leave, the need for worker training and inability to work.


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Rizqi Fathiani Siti Oktarika, Larasati, T. ., & Djausal, A. N. (2023). Practical Approach to Occupational Contact Dermatitis. Medical Profession Journal of Lampung, 13(4), 569-574.




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