Multiple Deep Neck Abscesses with Upper Airway Obstruction at Abdul Moeloek Hospital: A Case Report


  • Beni Wibowo Universitas Lampung
  • Fivien Fedriani



Deep neck abscess, retropharyngeal abscess, submandibular abscess, upper airway obstruction


Deep neck infection is a serious but treatable disease, this infection affects the deep cervical space with characteristics of rapid progression and is life threatening if complications occur. In this case report, we present an emergency case of a woman, 25 years old, with multiple deep neck abscesses which resulted in upper airway obstruction at Abdul Moeloek Regional General Hospital. The patient came with complaints of sore throat when swallowing since 5 days before entering the hospital. These complaints appear accompanied by fever, difficulty opening the mouth, swelling in the lower jaw to the neck, lower molar toothache, difficulty eating, and hoarseness. The patient has a history of intermittent toothache within the last 1 year. Laboratory results showed leukocytosis with an increase in segmental neutrophils. As well as AP and lateral neck soft tissue x-rays, it appears that the submandibular soft tissue mass extends into the retropharynx. Lump aspiration found pus. The main treatments given are abscess drainage incision, tracheostomy to free the airway, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, supportive therapy, abscess care and post-tracheostomy care.

Author Biography

Fivien Fedriani




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