Vitamin D as a Prevention of Degenerative to Malignancy Disease: Article Review


  • Riskita Fiannisa


Deficiency of vitamin D, vitamin D, vitamin D3, 25(OH)-D.


Vitamin D is a vitamin that is often forgotten but has many benefits that are very beneficial for our body. Vitamin D or also
called a sunshine vitamin is obtained from inside the body and outside the body. The source from the body that vitamin D
comes from 7-dehydroxylase which is in the epidermis and dermis layer which will transform into an active form of vitamin D
produced by UVB radiation. Vitamin D which is synthesized with the help of sunlight is the main supply of vitamin D and that
lasts longer than vitamin D which comes from food sources. Factors causing vitamin D deficiency such as sunscreen, skin
pigmentation, dress code, elderly, season and temperature of the region, medical conditions such as liver disorders, chronic
kidney disorders, and use of anticonvulsants, fat malabsorption, and obesity can use their use of vitamin D content inside the
body. There are many diseases related to vitamin D in the body, such as osteoporosis, rickets, fractures, weakness, cancer,
diabetes, fat malabsorption, chronic kidney disorders, liver disorders and obesity. This research discusses the importance of
vitamin D for the body and can also help vitamin D in preventing various diseases. The benefits of vitamin D for the body can
prevent diabetes, prevent cancer, and prevent cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and rickets.


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