Diagnosis and management of HIV grade III with pulmonary TB


  • Benny Syahputra Gumay FK Unila
  • Dwiki Wijaya Rahman Universitas Lampung
  • Risti Graharti Universitas Lampung
  • George Pestalozi Ngudi Waluyo Clinic




HIV, pulmonary TB, TB/HIV


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is an infection that attacks the immune system, specifically white blood cells called CD4+ cells. HIV continues to be a major global public health problem, claiming 40.1 million lives so far. By 2021, 650,000 people will die from HIV-related causes and 1.5 million people will contract HIV. HIV destroys CD4+ cells, thereby overcoming a person's immunity against opportunistic infections, such as tuberculosis, yeast infections, bacterial infections, and some cancers. Case report of a 29 year old man, came with complaints of shortness of breath since 3 days before entering the hospital. Complaints are accompanied by a long cough, weakness, cold sweats at night, loss of appetite, and weight loss. The serological examination showed HIV reactive results and the chest X-ray showed the impression of active pulmonary TB. The diagnosis established was HIV grade III with clinically diagnosed pulmonary TB, after which the patient was given HIV treatment with co-infected pulmonary TB.

Author Biographies

Benny Syahputra Gumay, FK Unila



Dwiki Wijaya Rahman, Universitas Lampung



Risti Graharti, Universitas Lampung



George Pestalozi, Ngudi Waluyo Clinic




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Gumay, B. S., Rahman, D. W., Graharti, R., & Pestalozi, G. (2023). Diagnosis and management of HIV grade III with pulmonary TB. Medical Profession Journal of Lampung, 13(1), 47-52. https://doi.org/10.53089/medula.v13i1.607




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